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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 20, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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i'm beth troutman. we have all the days best videos right here "right this minute." >> an avalanche buries a skier under the snow for 10 minutes. see the panicked search to find her before the air runs out. cops say a teen took off in a car left running. >> that was a bad decision right in the beginning. >> and all the way down to the fiery ending. his name is caleb and he was left abandoned in the yard. hear the touching story of the man who saved him. >> i feel like in rescuing caleb, caleb rescued me.
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>> a prankster has mistletoe and a fishing pole. >> know what he's up to. >> the question is, do they? >> what you're looking at is a beautiful ski day on crystal mountain in washington. this is a popular ski resort. a bunch of guys, including guys who work on crystal mountain are skiing. you can see perfect powder snow. listen to this -- >> everyone get in. buried right down here. >> in that moment, if you look off in the distance, you see a small avalanche going down the mountain right past these skiers. you can even see a person being carried away by this rush of snow. so these people quickly spring into action, and this day of fun turns into a rescue. >> get down here. >> these skiers, who include
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workers and ski patrol pebs, they all turn into a rescue team. three skiers total were affected by the small avalanche. two of the men were able to dig themselves out. this woman was stuck underneath the snow. as we go through this video, we see they have these metal probes they are tricking down into the snow. they end up hitting something, and it's the woman's hand. >> all right. >> she was buried under the snow for 10 minutes. >> you're kidding me. >> according to the poster of this video, she was able to ski away from this situation. the camera that shot this video was mounted to a man named steve bro broback. >> did you have an idea where she was or was this a needle in a haystack. >> we had an idea.
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the area was relatively small, like 50 feet and then some trees. so we had a rough idea. >> she was down there for 10 minutes. was there an air pocket that allowed her to breathe a little bit? >> she said she was able to punch a hole around and kind of make an air pocket. >> i know in searches like this, time is of the essence. do you know how long you had to find her. >> like 20 minutes is the general time but you just keep on looking. >> how lucky do you think this woman was? >> she wasn't wearing a beacon. the only way to fin her was so the onlyay to find heras a beacon. really lucky all those people were there and the equipment. here we have an example of the hour of mother nature because the on tape. a burlington train in washington traveling along here. but heavy rains and winds led to this.
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that is a 75-feet wide mudslide that completely derailed this train. the train was carrying chemicals for fertilizer, cleaning supplies, disinfectant, soup and meat. a strange combination. fortunately no injuries or deaths because of this thing but, man, quite a lot of damage. >> why did this person happen to be there shooting this. it seems like he expected this to happen. >> this was shot bhi a longshoreman working in the area. he said he heard the ground moving for quite a while. he felt like something was up. he got his camera out and started rolling. you could tell mongolia was up. this train derailed off the track. >> did you see how it popped off the track.
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these things are a mess. >> mess by end. even though they were carrying fertilizers, doesn't seem there's environmental damage. crews worked overnight to clean this up. can you see it was a big one. it closed down for 48 hours. florida highway patrol says 16-year-old hakeem is in trouble with the law. they say he led a trooper on a police chase and allegedly admitted to them he stole the car. check out this dash-cam video. a trooper saw a car run a stop sign so he attempts to make a traffic stop. the trooper turns on his lights. hakeem pulls over. the trooper pulls over, then hakeem takes off. he passes another car on the right, crosses the roadway, hits a poor pole and crashes into the apartment building. sparks going everywhere. the
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lights good out in the area, of course. >> yes, they do. when he crashed into that apartment, there was a woman there in her bed. she had to be transported to the hospital. hakeem and his passengers got out and ran. they caught up with him where he admitted, yes, he stole the car. the owner had left the car running with keys in it, so it was a crime of opportunity allegedly. >> that was a bad decision right from the beginning, as soon as he started running from the cops. look at all the crazy stuff that happened. >> i will say this is the shortest police chase he wept on the show. he went about 100 feet. >> one guy talked to wf tv about what happened. >> i seen it come down. i ran for my life because i didn't know what was going on. >> that is the damage caused by his driving abilities right there.
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move over oscar wienermobile. let me introduce to you the big banana car. used to be an old pickup truck that was remodeled to this. developed by a guy named steve. you know what's great about this banana car. >> round edges, a couple of marks on it. >> very authentic. steve and his brother want to make a documentary film about taking this thing across the world. we've got the maker of the big banana car joining us "right this minute" to tell us about the banana car. steve, do you love bananas? why did you make this? >> in the last four years i've eaten more bananas than you could possibly imagine. who doesn't like bananas. i wanted to do something ridiculous. a ripe banana, probably as ridiculous as you can possibly be. >> is this street legal?
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>> it is strate legal. the body shape, they can't say we don't like the shape of your car. they can say if you drive on our roads, you have to meet certain safety requirements. the big banana car meets the safety requirements. >> tell me about the reaction when you drive it around? >> it's the most fun thing. i absolutely was not prepared for it whatsoever. i mean, you drive a banana down the road, people are going to wave and smile but it's overwhelming. >> that's awesome. >> so what is this thing made out of? >> it's made out of fiberglass. took a 1993 ford pickup truck, took the sheet metal, made the body out of rebar, sprayed with foam, sculpted into a nice banana shape and fiber gassed the thing. >> how is it on gas? >> not good but we're driving it around the world next year so i
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want to do something about that and get better gas mileage. an update after a man escapes a bizarre road rage case caught on dash-cam. >> didn't know what happened to the guy. last he saw he was on his hood. >> now we have the latest on the angry attacker who had him driving for his life. and all
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this is caleb. he was a dog abandoned by his owner. but keith found this dog was left abandoned in a yard. every day he would go over there to feed him and give him water. the foundation found about caleb the dog so keith went and assisted them for two days helping them get caleb some care. he has a family and his own pet but he's out of work and doesn't have a vehicle and it's very hard to get a job if you don't have a car, so the bill foundation loved keith so much they started a fundraiser at
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chip in where they are trying to raise enough money to get keith a car where he's able to transport his family, get to a job and help rescue some dogs like caleb. so far they have gotten nearly $7,000. >> see, good things do happen to good people and for good people. obviously keith is an amazing man to help caleb out. >> it to tell us about this rescue and helping a man out we have keith allison and caleb "right this minute" via skype. >> hello. >> keith, that was really something. even though you were a guy looking for work, trying to raise and support your family, you still felt in your heart you needed to help this dog. >> it was the right thing to do. it broke my heart. i kind of felt like i was the dog and i needed help. >> what's it like, then, now that the community is coming
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together to help you in this time of need. >> it's awesome. i feel like in rescuing caleb, caleb rescued me. >> he looks awesome now, like the happiest dog in the world. how is he doing? >> he looks great. i try and come visit him every other day. it's kind of hard. i have has connection to him and i care about him. >> keith, what has this experience been like for you and a dad and your kids looking at what happened to you and how they are trying to help you? >> it's pretty hard for me. it teaches them sometimes that's what we have to do, help one another, bail each other out when we need it most. i was beginning to think i wasn't going to have a christmas. the help of the bill foundation has turned that out. they are best friends.
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♪ yesterday, i told you about this flat out terrifying tail of road rage in australia. a guy named ken driving along and gets completely tormented by a guy in a black truck. ken was afraid for his life. he called 000, which is australia's version of 911. >> you better get someone here this dude is crazy. >> the truck backed straight up into ken's vehicle. the guy jumps on ken's hood, breaks his windshield with his hands. he goes straight to the windshield. the last he saw he was bang ongoing his hood. the guy turned himself into police but he's kind of saying he's the victim. >> what happened out there on the road? >> you'll find out when we --
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>> you get a video and has everything. >> tell us what happened. >> so this guy who is possibly the guy in that video is saying that's not really what happened? >> we see the incident. i don't know how you can refute that. another victim has come forward saying she dealt with the exact same guy. >> he should not be on the road at all. >> ken, the guy who was initially antagonized by this guy, he's a former police officer himself. he says he's dealt with a number of road rage incidents but never seen anything quite like this. samantha and alex go skydiving. it's her first time. >> he lands first for a very important reason, then lays down on the ground and makes out. >> see the big romantic moment next "right this minute." still to come, a light spotted hovering in the eye could only mean one thing. >> this could be santa.
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>> dry run. >> doing a dry run for his route. >> we'll reveal what the flying object is next. and then some stunts in the
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. another ufo has been spotted. this time over santiago, chile.
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check this out. we're talking all kinds of sparkly lights. this time just hovering over the city, steven. >> again, we're not seeing anything. it starts with a completely dark screen. there's no way to compare where they are at. >> about to change. you're going to see the city. there's the city. >> you know what, though, why are we thinking aliens. this could be santa. >> dry run. >> doing a dry run for the route. >> i just said ufo. who said anything about aliens. >> look, it's hovering and changing positions and all the lights are glowing. >> i will say this is one of the better ones we've had. >> that's a good shot right there because you see both of them for a long period of time. >> you can see the city, how big it is, see the sparkling lights and see it teeter totter. >> either ufo or experimental aircraft chilean government may not want you to know about. >> did somebody wake up and say
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something probed me last night. >> people claimed to see it that night. no one so far has spoken of probing. to answer your question, the chilean air force according to some reports said it was a t-35 aircraft. >> maybe they had it decorated for christmas which explains all the lights. no matter what it is, it is a ufo because we haven't identified it. >> who needs a present when you can play with a bow. what better way to put you in the holiday spirit than some mistletoe and a fishing rod. >> i'm brian and this is mistletoe fish line. >> does he know what he's up to. >> mistletoe prank here. >> got to say brian is equal
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opportunity here. try to get some kisses from girls. >> i think you know what this means. >> tries to get a smooch from a pooch. and even gets a kiss from a dude. >> i love it. i love that guy's spirit. >> see, which girl here took a little coaxing. he's trying to reel her in, if you know what i mean. >> oh, success. >> a little dog not having it. the dog says, do you want me to play with this treat? >> that's the best one. >> he gets couples to kiss on the street. of course a bunch of girls turn him down. >> on the cheek? we have to kiss. mistletoe. >> okay. >> went for the lips. >> that's what the old ladies
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do. >> we have to kiss now. >> oh, my goodness. >> to see the entire video head to and click on best of rtm. he's redefining the one-man band with this performance. >> see the mind blowing way he drops th did you get chips for the party? nope.
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watching nature is amazing and this video is nothing short of that. it's a spider weaving its web. it's captured in this time lapse video that captured one photograph every four seconds for an hour and a half. during the process of weaving this web. >> the process always amazes me. it is incredible the strength these webs have, the design. to watch this guy around the bottom to go back and forth, back and forth. the finished product is always so stunning. >> it's like artwork. it really is. it's like a work of art. somebody walking through the woods gets it stuck in their face or mouth. >> the video ends with the spider chilling. >> it's like when you clean your whole house, apartment, and everything is nice and clean. the first thing you want to do is take a nap.
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>> got to say he's redefined the phrase "one man band." now we've seen mack on the show with his pancake rapper video. you see what he's doing he's looping himself with the iphone, beat boxing, recording it and playing itback. he doesn't just use his mouth, beat box, he keeps adding more elements to it. >> he's like dick van dyke from mary poppins when he had the harmonica and the drums. using technology to update. >> the digital dick van dyke. >> he's got like layers upon layers of this crazy beat he just created right before our very eyes.
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then he gets into some pretty spirited lyrics in this thing about some of the stuff going on right now. if you want to check out what max rapped about go to and click on. he's an impressive guy. this is t.j. langren. he's one of the world's best skydivers. he and buddies spent a year traveling all over the world doing amazing stuff. >> it's incredible. two parachutes stacked on top of each other. then they turn completely sideways, parallel with the earth below them so an american flag can fly between them. >> look at these guys go. they will jump out of planes holding hands. looks like underwater ballet but they are in the air. >> the surfboard.
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>> synchronized skydiving. >> doesn't look like they are falling. >> no gravity. >> you can see in this part of the video t.j. whooping down over the field. we're familiar with t.j. the first time we saw it, it was this guy. the footage was originally edited to be part of a film for a film festival. we're lucky enough the internet exists and we get to see some of this amazing, amazing footage. that's our show. thanks for spending time with us and we'll


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